Monday, May 31, 2010

Raise the RUFF!

Come support your local humane society at this fun event in Lowell. For details go online to or call 978-452-7781 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Help Is On The Way!

If you  Love Your Pet but don't love all the Shedding, Vacuuming, & Sweeping now is great time to schedule a grooming appointment! All that unwanted hair & fur can be useful afterall. 
To schedule an Appointment with our Grooming Salon Please call 978-649-8585.   

Friday, May 14, 2010

Say Cheese!

Hey everybody!  Our local Walgreens is holding a Pet Photo Shoot!  Get your favorite furry friends all spiffed up for this special occasion and help the Nashua Humane Society too! For more information call Walgreens at 978-891-2907.  If you'd like to schedule a grooming or brush out to help your pet look their best for the big day call Best Friends at 978-649-8585.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Save that Fur! How your Best Friends Can Help Clean up the Gulf!

Hello Everyone!
I'm sure you have all heard about the massive oil spill in the Gulf. We can help with the clean up efforts in a unique saving the fur collected when we brush or trim our pets! A non profit organization called Matter of Trust is collecting donations of clean hair and fur of all kinds to clean up the oil in the ocean. Hair is hydrophobic which means it repels water. It is also great for absorbing oil...which is why we wash...greasy hair means hair that collects oil! So Matter of Trust has volunteers making devices called hair booms out of recylced hair and nylons which are placed in the water to soak up the oil. You and your furry Best Friends can help us collect hair to donate to the cause during your regular grooming process! Just save clean hair or fur when you brush or trim at home and bring to Best Friends or schedule an appointment with one of our Groomers today! Call us at 978-649-8585 and let us know you want to help save the Gulf! Check out this video to learn more.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wanna Go For A Walk?!

As the weather turns warmer, many nature lovers are ready to hit the road with their favorite furry pals.   Walking around your neighborhood or hiking a trail in the woods with your pet is great exercise for everyone and a wonderful chance to bond.  Linwood Animal Hospital sent out a recent article by Jen Reeder from the American Animal Hospital Association (May/June 10 Volume 5 Issue 3) to help pet owners take a few simple precautions in advance to keep this fun activity safe! 
Be Aware of Local Leash Laws
  Bring Water Trash Bags Toys
Pavement can get hot on a sunny day.
For more information check out some of the following sites! search "hiking with dogs" click on "pet tips" click on "tips for hiking safely with your dog"