Friday, April 30, 2010

Tick Season is Here!

Ticks are here and with them Lyme Disease.  According to a recent article in the Lowell Sun we are seeing around 4,000 human cases of Lyme diesease a year.  The article suggests staying out of high grass, weeds, & brush to avoid contact with these pests.  Since pets are low to the ground you should check your pet frequently for ticks. Pay close attention to areas under the arms and in & around the ears.  Regular grooming can help keep your pet tick free. Preventative products such as flea and tick collars or liquid drops like frontline and advantix will help limit your pets exposure to the lyme disease carrying ticks.

To schedule a Pampered Pet Package at Best Friends Groom Salon call (978)-649-8585 today!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's See Some I.D.

Spring is finally here and with it comes warmer weather...and open windows and doors. A recent article in All Animals Magazine talks about the need for collars and tags specifically regarding our indoor only pets. A door left open for just a few seconds can be an indoor cats gateway to the streets. For millions of cats entering shelters each year, a lack of visible identification means they can't go home again. A simple I.D. tag could help reunite a stray cat with their family.  It's not unusual to see cats wandering the neighborhood, so for extra insurance they suggest writing "I AM LOST" on an indoor only cats collar with indelible marker. That way neighbors who come in contact with your pet will realize they aren't supposed to be there. For more information & suggestions check out the March/April 2010 article by Arna Cohen in All Animals Magazine.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Week Meet Ups Celebrate & Bring Donations for Shelters

Our Meet Up Pals Had Fun Exploring the "Sand Pit", Splashing in the "Whirl Pool" for duckies, Sliding down our "Mud Slide", and making new Best Friends!  Those who brought gently used pet care items or toys to donate to  local shelter pets rescued from Mother Nature's weather disastersgot a frozen yogurt popsicle treat!

Meet ups Celebrate Earth Week

Our Meet up Friends had fun Bobbing for Duckies, Playing on the Slide, & Digging in the Sand Box!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Fenway

All of Fenway's friends turned up for his 11th birthday party at Best Friends Doggy Day Camp! If you would like to host a birthday party for your camper please call us at 978-649-8585 for details! There's always lots of fun, games, & yummy snacks!

Happy Birthday Fenway

At Fenway's Wild Wild West Birthday his doggy friends got to Pan for Gold in a Wading Pool, Pose for an Outlaw Photo Shoot, Sing Campfire Songs & have a real weiner rost! Everyone agrees it was a fun filled day in the Wild West!

Happy Birthday Fenway

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey Everyone! Spring has Sprung! The Lowell Humane Society is holding a Pet's Day Out to kick off the season. Come join the fun Sunday April 18th starting at 1:00pm.
Enter to win the Family Scavenger Hunt, a Dog Egg Hunt, and the Cutest Pet Photo Contest. $5 entry fee per event to benefit the shelter.  

Friday, April 2, 2010

Free Admission to Girl Scout Troop 300's PET-ACULAR Pet Fair featuring adoptable animals from Lowell Humane Society!

Saturday April 17, 2010 10am-2pm.

Come Rain or Shine for Games, Raffles, Photo Shoots & Free Demonstrations & help support the Lowell Humane Society.  Activities to include:
Bobbing for hot dogs, Egg Races, Paw painting,
sheep & cart kiddie rides from the Dunstable Animal Clinic, demonstrations & more!