Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Meet Up Celebrations! Look for your furry friend below

Valentine's Day Celebrations!

                                                                                                                We celebrated Valentine's Day with all our Boarding Doggy Daycamp 
PlaygroupMeet Up Friends!
Look for your favorite furry friend having fun.
Activities Included Variations of:
Red Rover, Red Rover, Let's All Roll Over
Romeo Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo (hide & seek)
"Cupid" Says
 Kissing Booth 
Cupid's Delivery Service (Cards to your favorite Valentine)
Prizes for* Cutest Couple * Best Kisser * Best Hugger

Together we collected $65 for the Have a Heart Campaign
Thank you to everyone who came & participated!

Love & Puppy Kisses...Auntie Becky

Camper of the Week February 15-19 Blizzy A

Happy Birthday Blizzy
This happy guy just celebrated his 1st Birthday with his Best Friends in Doggy Day Camp!  Blizzy likes to wrestle with his best friends Bubba & Shelby and  play chase & follow the leader.  He loves the snow and keeps his teeth sparkling clean chewing on nylabones. His birthday party theme was Monsters Under the Bed.   His friends played "The Blob" (freeze tag), Alien Invasion (a game of hide & seek), Monster in the Middle (keep away) & Wolf-man Says. At nap time campers were read "Good Nite, Sleep Tight, Don't Let the BedBugs Bite" by Diane deGroat and enjoyed a snack. Everyone had so much fun.  We can't wait to see what will happen at Blizzy's next birthday party. 

Camper of the Week! February 8-12 Molly J

        Happy Birthday Molly!       
Molly has been a member of the Best Friends family since she was just a pup and came to doggy daycare in 1999.  Her best friends include other long timer campers like Kenzi, Fenway, & Lucy C.   When Molly isn't socializing with her best friends or snuggling with her counselors she likes to play with a kong. She uses it as a mega-phone to cheer on her friends.  Molly recently celebrated her 11th Birthday with us! All of her best friends came to pack the house & help her celebrate her special day.  She received so many presents donations were made to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua & the Lowell  Humane Society .  A big thank you to everyone who came!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is in the Air at Best Friends Pet Care!

One of the best things about Doggy Daycamp at Best Friends Pet Care in Tyngsboro are the amazing parties we hold for our campers! This month ,along with three birthday parties and a going away party, we are having our annual Valentines Day Party!
Valentine's this year is going to be the best one yet! This year, we are letting all of our doggy day camp friends bring in their special four legged loved ones to camp for only 19$ at our bring a buddy day rate && they get to play awesome games. What kind of games you ask? Well lets just say there will be a kissing booth, valentine day lover photos, paw painting, and awesome contests and super prizes! dog not quite old enough for doggy day camp? don't be glum, we are having a Valentine's day party for our puppies at playgroup as well! For 25$ dollars your pup can enjoy the lovely activities and fun for Valentines Day and play for a solid 2 hours! just enough play to get them nice and tired so you can go home and enjoy Valentines day weekend with your special somebody...maybe even your four legged friend!
Want your pup to get a spa treatment as well after their play? get a go home bath after their bath, puppies under 6mos of age get 10$ puppy baths for their first visit!

For more information on Doggy Day Camp and Puppy Playgroup, feel free to give us a call at 978-649-8585 or visit us on the web at

and of course, Happy Valentine's Day from all of your friends at Best Friends Pet Care!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February is Pet Dental Care Month!

Did You Know Pets Need Dental Care Too?
                                                                    Call Best Friends Salon to Schedule your Pet for a      Teeth Brushing Today. (978)-649-8585
20% off ALL Dental Care Products in February!
Visit our Retail to Select Fun Safe Toys to Chew.

Bad breath is often an indicator of dental disease.  Bacteria in the mouth accumulate around tartar deposits that build up when every day plaque is not removed.  This can cause gum disease to develop.  Regular daily brushing can keep your pet's teeth healthy and gleaming!  Watch your furry friend with each new toy and consider removing hard toys that they try to crack to prevent broken teeth.  Dr. Foster & Smith Pet Education website has more great info.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Camper of the week! February 1-5th!

Camper of the week for February 1rst to the 5th is our good friend Fenway!
Fenway is a border collie mix who has been a day camper of ours since 1999!
One of Fenway's favorite things to do is show off his tricks to his camper friends and snuggle with his love Kenzie! Fenway is an awesome addition to our Day Camp and we are proud to call him this week's camper of the week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camper of the week! January 25th- 29th

This week's camper of the week is a little different, we had two camper of the weeks because, well, we just couldnt decide! Cocoa and Kasey Rodrigues!
Cocoa has been a camper since November of 2005 and loves to run and play with her best friends Tobey and Bean! You can tell when Cocoa's happy when she goes right between your legs! just about two years ago she was blessed with her silly little sister Kasey, who just loves to run up and down the slide and play tug of war with her big sister for a nylabone! they are the definitely two peas to a pod and we love to call them our Campers of the Week!